What is a psychodynamic psychotherapist?

It is some ‘trained to work once or twice weekly, generally with the patient/client seated on a chair. Some of the work is with interpretations (making the unconscious part of the mind conscious) and uses the relationship between patient and therapist as the focus, but there is also a focus on everyday life and outside experiences. The theory base is psychoanalytic'[1]. In intercultural psychodynamic approach elements such as race, ethnicity, gender, class, nationality, disability, religion, age among of other categories that formatted us is important to consider.

I provide open-ended as well as time-limited psychotherapy in both English and Portuguese.


The leafth of the session is 50 minutes.



This approach is suitable for:








​Suicidal ideation


Suffering from an abusive relationship


Gender dysphoria

Sexuality and sexual identity


Male issues


Mood swings


Difficulties in making and keeping relationships


Feeling stuck in life


​Bereavement or feeling that something in life has been lost


​Feelings of emptiness


Low self-confidence and self-sabotage


Experiencing discriminated (race, gender, sexuality, nationality, culture)


​Anger management


Loss of direction


​Dealing with trauma: complex trauma, disasters, early childhood, historical, traumatic grief.